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Polly came to pick us up together with Toyomi, she greeted us very friendly and drove us to the Arts&Crafts village, our home for the week. On the way towards the old primary school in which we would stay she seemed so in tune with the place greeting everyone passing by and navigating the narrow rural paths like a local.

As soon as I saw that lovely friendliness and familiarity that both Polly and Toyomi had, I was so curious to know more about Polly. Who was she and what was she doing there? I was dying to ask her tons of questions but my exhaustion was such, that I couldn't even articulate words so the trip home was spent listening to Toyomi and Polly talk while I was taking in the beautiful landscape.

By the next day we had already become friends and it felt like we had been for a long time.

During the week of our stay we spent time together as if we were best friends, talking about our lives, her experience during a whole year in rural Japan, confiding our love lives to each other, listening and giving support. We even took power walks to escape for a bit and pretend we were being sportive.

Polly at that time was taking a gap year, she wanted to have the experience of living a completely different live abroad. It mind blew me how organized she is, even with her stages in life. She had been working hard from a young age right after graduating, designing products for different companies. Now she was living in Japan and in the future she wanted to settle and have a family. If that happens that way, I am sure she will be the best at it, she is definitely one of the most caring people I have ever known.

One of her caring examples are her cooking skills. They are just so good that when we discussed her portrait we both thought the kitchen was the perfect place for it. She perfected many Japanese dishes and desserts, and she also fulfilled our cravings for eastern food (thank you so much for that Lasagna Polly!).

Polly made me feel at home in Okayama and luckily I didn't have to say goodbye to her as I got to see her again during our stay in Tokyo. Once there we went to eat at one of the famous Japanese character themed restaurants, which Polly turned out to be an expert in and had the most fun and bizarre Karaoke night. By the time we went home the sun was already out and Polly had just a few hours left before her flight back to England.

Even if we have been really bad at keeping our Skype call plans, I definitely count Polly as one of the true friends I have made during our short period in Japan.